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Born in Heidelberg and married in the castle chapel in 1998 I would like to let you share my special connection with this small but open and lively students’ city.
I studied English and Italian language and literature at Heidelberg University and lived in Italy for several years, where I worked as a teacher. Back in Heidelberg I taught English courses for children in preschools and elementary schools.
Next to my profession as a tour guide I design and sew clothes and accessories and I play the flute in a local orchestra.

I am happy to guide you in German, English and Italian.



Guide for Spanish and German

I welcome you very warmly to Heidelberg, a city that, in the words of J.W. Goethe, has „something ideal“. I enjoy showing Heidelberg to both individuals and groups.
Whether it is your first time in Heidelberg or you are a seasoned visitor I can help you explore its well-known historical flair and the hidden secrets of this really beautiful city.

Será un gran placer mostrarle Heidelberg, una ciudad universitaria, antigua y moderna, que posee un especial magnetismo que atrae a millones de visitantes de todas partes del mundo.